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It is taking the “monitoring of waste disposal sites” to the next level.

Remember all legal landfill applications have to have a full Environmental Impact Assessment. This means that all interested and effected [parties of the area can influence the out come if they have the drive, time, commitment and patience.

We all produce waste and if your ideals relate to waste reduction/ recycling/zero waste /biodiversity protection/ecosystems restoration /plant rescue and relocation/wildlife protection and relocation just to name a few of the ever increasing list – this is the place for your involvement.

You can influence your local EIA process to a point that the activities of your involvement in a monitoring committee meeting ensures that the Terms of Reference of the landfill will include working towards conservation status.

Working towards turning the old fashioned ‘dumps’ into modern engineered landfills which can be managed as conservancies and amazing as it may seem becoming the green lungs of your area in the long term as your surrounds get covered in concrete with so called development.

The conservancy approach to landfills with its many challenges could end up protecting your area by making the footprint and buffer zone of your landfill un-developable in the future. The only applicable land use is as a ‘green zone’ with many potential modern add-ons for long term sustainability that you can have included in the original EIA and Terms of Reference.


  1. Full ecosystems restoration.
  2. Alien plant bio-control stations.
  3. Birding areas.
  4. Green electricity production.
  5. Gas use for green vehicles.
  6. Leachate treatment and re-use processes.
  7. Long term recycle projects.
  8. Re-use of plant matter –
    (a) rehabilitation nursery
    (b) rescue and relocation
    (c) soil amelioration projects
    (d) shredding of green waste – mulching, composting, erosion protection, dust suppression.

NOTE: These are a few examples and these could change depending on your local habitat and situation.

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